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Writing Matt Miller in the Colonies – Blog Entry 1

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JUNE 1, 2022 – BLOG ENTRY 1

I originally intended this blog to be a forum to explore time, space, the role of human consciousness, and how a belief in a higher power relates to our lives. Eventually, this is what it has to be. We all want to sneak up on the Universe, explain the purpose of our place in it, and maybe figure out if the requests we whisper into the infinite void have any chance of coming true. So who could be better to interpret life, the Universe, and everything, than the author of the Matt Miller in the Colonies series? That was supposed to be read as a joke, but I guess I’m as good as anyone else. Plus, in all the time I’ve taken to write the Matt Miller books, I’ve probably thought more about the relationship between time, space, human consciousness, and God than many people; I’ll make a great effort to go there in this blog, in between tangents. I won’t apologize one bit for the tangents, since there’s usually something wise that comes out in them at some point. You just have to look.

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