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Writing Matt Miller in the Colonies – Blog Entry 2


JUNE 2, 2022 – BLOG ENTRY 2

I have been asked on numerous occasions where I got the concept for the Matt Miller in the Colonies series. The answer I’ve usually given has been something quick, but in reality, the series originates from my personality and passion, which, like all of you, have required a lifetime to build. The books are a product of all the experiences and people I met up until the time when the words went down on paper. And interestingly enough, those words have become a focused capsule of my most recent decade on earth. Even Architect, which could be the last book in the Matt Miller in the Colonies series, reflects who I’ve become since I wrote Virginian. Yet, so much has happened since even then! My last child went off to college, and the other two graduated. My wife (now ex) surprised me with divorce papers. I changed day jobs. My stepmother died. My father died. Both of my dogs of twelve years died. The pandemic turned us into bizarre creatures we hardly recognized. There’s certainly been enough tragedy!

If you’ve read the Matt Miller series, you know that children, marriage, family, animals, and jobs play a huge part in the story. I’ve had to negotiate with myself, very hard I might add, on how I should let my new experiences influence how the final book should unfold. There was a moment when I decided that this last book should be tragic. Fortunately, like God, Karma, or the Universe (whatever you believe) will do, the tragedy in my life has been balanced by an equivalent amount of happiness. I’ll let you judge how Book Four turned out.

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