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God, Human Consciousness, Space-Time, and Reality – Blog Entry 6

Parting the Red Sea - Contrast

September 20, 2022 – BLOG ENTRY 6

The dictionary defines a miracle as an event that seems inexplicable by natural or scientific laws and accordingly gets attributed to some supernatural or praeternatural cause. As a child, I remember hearing about miracles happening in many situations, including someone being cured of a disease or escaping a near-fatal accident. As I got older, I wondered about the Catholic church’s requirement of miracles for sainthood. Later, I became obsessed with stories soldiers told about comrades who seemed impervious to bullets. My rational mind, scientists, and the secular world assured me that miracles could not happen because miracles were against the laws of physics. If miracles are so preposterous, why do we still talk about them? The concept would have disappeared from our vernacular long ago, along with our belief that the world is flat and that ten leeches sucking the blood from your chest can cure asthma.

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At this point, a good-mannered lecture is in order. I’ve sometimes been disappointed by the scientific community’s groupthink concerning the brain and human consciousness. Scientists can be pretty darn smug regarding their understanding of the human brain, yet after spending one hundred billion dollars, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s remain uncured.

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Before we talk about alternative realities, we need to define classical reality based on classical physics. Back when Isaac Newton proposed classical physics, it was a complete departure from the mythical and religious world in which we lived. It was a world where a higher power existed, and miracles happened. But, like our recent belief that red wine is good for you and bacon is bad, we are learning that classical physics may not be the entire story.

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