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Mark J. Rose is a scientist and author of the award-winning Matt Miller in the Colonies Series. He has been fascinated for many years with exploring the intersection of man’s basic humanity with the challenges of a rapidly changing technological world. Working primarily in the science fiction and thriller genres, all his writing deals with some aspect of the interaction of technology, science and society.

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Book Four: Architect

Twenty-first-century scientist Matt Miller has become a wealthy businessman and politician with a beautiful wife and family. Despite his every effort, Matt’s world is crumbling around him. Grace has recovered from her physical injuries, but her mental scars deepen as the threat to her family remains and her brother’s trial looms on the horizon. The Millers find themselves at the center of a maelstrom that threatens to engulf the entire colony of Virginia and make it the epicenter for a revolution. As the events around Matt unfold and his situation becomes worse and worse, an opportunity presents itself to right the wrongs he has caused, but only if Matt can leave his life in the colonies behind.

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One minute, scientist Matt Miller is trekking the Appalachian trail, the next he is in an unfamiliar barn belonging to what he assumes is an Amish family. But it isn’t that simple. As Matt Miller realizes that he didn’t just pass out while hiking, that he is indeed in a different century, he must learn to adapt his modern-day knowledge in a time that isn’t ready for him — and he must find his way home.

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